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102-year-old Civil Rights activist enters hospice.

Timuel Black, a historian and civil rights activist, has entered hospice, according to a GoFundMe posted on Wednesday by Lisa Yun Lee, a cultural activist and Director of the National Public Housing Museum. He is receiving care in his Drexel Boulevard home.

Funds raised will go to Zenobia Johnson-Black, his wife of 40 years, to pay for in-home nursing care and other related expenses. You can donate here.

In May 2019, Black discussed his book, Sacred Ground: The Chicago Streets of Timuel Black, at the Evanston Public Library. He was joined by the book's editor Bart Schultz and Evanston resident and Black's good friend Bennett Johnson, who is also a life-long civil rights activist (read DE's interview with Mr. Johnson here.

Timeul Black was born on December 7, 1918 in Birmingham, Alabama. His family fled from the south in 1919 during the Great Migration and his book is about the almost 100 years he lived on Chicago's South Side.

His great-grandparents were slaves and his grandparents were born as slaves and freed by the Emancipation Proclamation; his parents were sharecroppers.


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