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Evanston's youngest kids speak out against gun violence at National Walkout event

Early this morning, ignoring the bitter cold, a crowd of about 60 adults and young children made their way to Mason Park to add their voices to this somber but electrifying day of memorial and motivation--the anniversary of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School--to help change gun laws and gun culture and keep our kids safe.

Organizer Karla Thomas said she realized, while she watched the tragic events in Parkland unfold live on TV before her eyes last month, that she had to go beyond expressing anger and exasperation on social media and do something more. She was one of the 50-plus Evanstonians who traveled to Springfield last month to attend the Moms Demand Action, Illinois advocacy day that helped push the Gun-Dealer Licensing Bill through the Illinois House. She also believes that it's important not to shield our kids from truth, "even when it's uncomfortable," so that adults can teach them to speak out and take action.

Here's a short video from this morning's event, which took place in time for kids to get to school.

Just an hour later, more than 3,000 Evanston Township High School (ETHS) students marched into the stands on Lazier Field to rally, hear student leaders speak, and take time to call their elected representatives to call for action against gun violence.

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