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Quick Chat: Karli Butler on stories she heard growing up, code switching, talking "white."

Karli Butler and I had a quick chat yesterday -- a sunny but windy Saturday afternoon -- in front of Curt's Cafe South. Karli is the social service provider at the Cafe.

Karli is a fourth-generation Evanstonian. Her great-grandfather came to Evanston's fifth ward from South Carolina.

We talked about what Karli heard from her dad and grandfather when she was growing up about houses being moved from Evanston's white areas to the fifth ward. We also talked about code switching and about "sounding white."

Have you seen the Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre/ Piven Theatre Workshop collaboration A Home on the Lake yet? What did you think?

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Here's Karli ...

[And stay tuned to watch a recording of Karli’s recent Tedx talk—she received a standing ovation for her personal story about forgiveness and about how she has worked to forgive the woman who radically changed Karli’s life when she attacked her with acid 12 years ago.]

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