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Swastika found on playground at Triangle Park

I recently posted a story about two biracial boys and a mom being harassed by a white man and his son at Lincoln School playground one evening a few weeks ago.

That incident birthed the Anti-Racism playdate, which Evanston resident Fuschia Winston Rodriguez initiated and organized, and which was embraced by many families throughout Evanston.

As a result, Fuschia decided to take the Anti-Racism Playdate concept on the road to a variety of playgrounds throughout Evanston.

The second Anti-Racism playdate will take place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 1 at the Willard School playground.


Yesterday, new Evanstonian and mom of young children Rachel Round, posted this photo on a private Facebook group.

She wrote:

"Yesterday, on our way out for Father’s Day, my husband noticed something horrifying at our local park (Triangle Park). I’ve attached the picture here of a swastika displayed on the play equipment.

As a Jew who recently moved here, this incident was highly disturbing to me and my family. I have only known Evanston to be a place of inclusivity, diversity, and kindness—so this rocked my world a bit.

The point of posting this here, my hope is that we all can have the important conversations in our homes, with our children, about inclusivity, diversity, kindness and the impact of symbols of hate on each other and our community."


Evanston: racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and anti-Immigrant sentiment is rife throughout our country right now. PLEASE ... let's do better, be better, and keep our playgrounds safe and welcoming for everyone.

Want to participate in the next Anti-Racism playdate? Here's the link to the event page. Thank you to Rachel and to Fuschia for standing up, speaking out, and taking action!

Perhaps the next Anti-Racism Playdate will take place at Triangle Park.

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