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Evanston represents at the Dan Ryan shut-down to protest gun violence

Here's a short video compilation of some of yesterday's sights, sounds, scenes, signs, and solidarity today on the Dan Ryan Expressway protesting gun violence in Chicago and calling for more resources for the city's south and west sides. One of the rare times I've been on a highway going slow enough not to get a ticket.

Thank you to Liana Wallace and the Evanston Township High School (ETHS) students who organized our Evanston bus.

Some of the voices: Gail Schechter, Stephanie Lubin, Rick Marsh, Rachel Stein Rosner, Corrie Wallace, Kelly A. Sheridan, Liana Wallace, Nathaniel Landolt, Eileen Hogan Heineman, Marion Flynn, and more.

PLUS: check out the LONGEST line of police officers on bikes you have ever seen!

Thanks to St. Sabina for organizing this peaceful and powerful protest against gun violence and FOR more resources, mental health services, schools, and jobs on Chicago's west and south sides.

My phone died as soon as we got onto the expressway, so no footage from then.

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