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"Insanity:" Stephanie Saunders and Lonnie Wilson Sing

Lonnie Wilson and Stephanie Saunders both have beautiful voices. They were set to sing at last week's EFAM picnic, but due to a glitch with their piano player, they didn't take the stage.

They were both so excited to sing, especially since this would have been Lonnie's debut since he had two serious strokes two years ago.

So, though they'd wanted to perform to a live audience accompanied by a piano, the two asked if I would record them singing acapella yesterday afternoon at Lonnie's place so they could still share their song with EFAM 2018 and the rest of Evanston.

I was honored (just wish I had better recording equipment!).

Lonnie and Stephanie were both born and raised in Evanston's 5th ward and have been friends since she was 11 and he was 12. Stephanie majored in music in college and is now a teacher in Evanston/Skokie School District 65 and Lonnie is an activist who, thanks to a brand new electric wheelchair, can be seen zooming around the streets and sidewalks of Evanston!

Thanks, Stephanie and Lonnie, for a fun afternoon.


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