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Welcome to Planet Evanston

Evanston filmmaker Mychal Mitchell sent me his beautiful short film, Planet Evanston.

Mychal was born and raised in Natchez, Mississippi, moved to Chicago in 1983, and bought his home on Asbury in Evanston's 9th ward in 1997.

"My home town is famous for antebellum homes," Mychal says. "I chose Evanston because some of the homes here have a historic nostalgia look like Natchez."

Mychal owns his own production company, North Shore Films. He's a full-time producer/director/actor/editor and set designer. He says his favorite activities are outdoor activities and he loves filming in rain and snow.

He started filming in 2008 after taking a film class at the Evanston community public access TV station. He played a lawyer on Chicago PD and did some work as an extra on the series.

"But more importantly, I'm the father of two actresses, one is a film student at Columbia and the other is in fifth grade."

Mychal's favorite aspects of Evanston are its multicultural population, its small town feel but big-city activities and festivals.

"I love football, so I love being minutes away from the Northwestern University football stadium as well as NU sports facilities," he says.

His least favorite thing about Evanston: "Property taxes," he says.

Other films:

Mychal's first film, Princess of Laos played in select theaters in 2012.

You can view Mychal's other work here.

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