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Happy Holidays from the team at Open Studio Project!

Each year, Dear Evanston invites organizations and groups that work toward building bridges across race and socioeconomics, increasing equity, reducing poverty and ending gun violence in Evanston to send a holiday message to the community.

Open Studio Project is proud of its newest initiatives, its social and emotional learning art curriculum, which has had a significant impact on children in Evanston and the surrounding areas.

Open Studio Project uses the power of art to introduce children, teens, and adults to allow them to use safe expression of their emotions.

"This makes our families stronger and our communities safer," says Chantal M. Healey, executive director.

She's joined by Open Studio Project Founder Dayna Block, Meghan Bortle, business manager, and a few of the organization's facilitators.

In 2018, Open Studio Project served 1,800 individuals.

Find out more about Open Studio Project.

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