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Help support Dear Evanston

Dear friends, family, and Dear Evanston followers, It's the start of a new year. Today, January 16, is my 55th birthday. And ... after three years of love and labor--and almost 9,000 Facebook followers and hundreds of participants, I'm excited to announce that Dear Evanston celebrates 2019 by becoming a (small) nonprofit organization! My greatest wish on this double-digit birthday is to redouble Dear Evanston's contribution to building community and helping Evanston become a more equitable city free of violence--to go broader and deeper--and to have the resources to make that happen. And that's where you come in. If, in the past three years, Dear Evanston has inspired you, informed you, and motivated you to:

  • Get more involved in the many local events, activities, and organizations that promote community bridge-building across race and socioeconomics and that push for prioritizing people over profit;

  • Fight for stronger gun legislation and better services to support Evanston's most vulnerable residents who may be most affected by gun violence and other types of violence; or

  • Simply meet and talk to someone you didn't know whose racial or economic background is different than your own ...

Then please consider contributing whatever you can to my GoFundMe campaign to support Dear Evanston!

Your donation--no matter how small--will help Dear Evanston continue to share inspiring and informative stories; publicize the work of local activists and organizations; organize community events, discussions, activities, and trips; and continue to build bridges so we can work together toward a more just, equitable Evanston that's free of violence. At a time in this country where our problems and challenges seem so insurmountable and the national discourse is so disillusioning--we can make a tangible, visible difference if we do it right here, right now, for ourselves, our neighbors, our community. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (whose birthday was yesterday) said, "If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." Your support would be the greatest gift!


Please note that DE's official status is "501(c)(3)--Applied For," and we have an EIN number. If you'd prefer to send a check, please make it out to Dear Evanston and send it to Dear Evanston, P.O. Box 8165, Evanston IL 60204

You can also send a contribution via Quickpay to

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