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A Reflection on Dr.Martin Luther King Day

Just a reminder because many have forgotten...the brown people who were indigenous to this land were slaughtered and infected with disease, then forced from their homes. The black people who were brought to this land (although black people did exist here long before the slave trade) were viewed as and treated like property. The laws upon which the current country were built literally did not recognize black people as people.

As we remember and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to civil rights in this country, it is important that we remember the facts and reality of the situation. Many of us have gotten complacent and then are surprised when someone murders a black or brown person and receives a slap on the wrist.

This stolen country was not "founded" for us! Period. We call it home because it's all we've ever known. But home should be where you are loved, celebrated, and welcomed. When foundations and laws are founded solely for the benefit of some and the oppression of others, the system will never work for all. It's hard to retrofit anything and expect it to work correctly. Home additions are never as warm as the original structure.

The "system" is only broken for those for whom it was never intended. It works just fine for those for whom it was built. And since the same group of people are still benefiting from it, there is no haste to fix it.

I'm not saying it's right. It sucks and is wrong on every level of humanity. I'm just saying remember the facts and stay diligent in changing the future. There will be many many more disappointments and horrible moments. But I believe, just like Dr. King, there will also be alot of progress and improvement as well. One love people!


Enjoli Daley is a police officer, realtor, mom of two, former board member, Curt's Cafe, and board member, Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault

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