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Free Food For Furloughed Federal Workers thanks to Local Chef


Evanston resident and local chef and business owner Mamata Reddy is offering free to-go meals for furloughed federal workers and those working without pay available today from noon till 2 p.m.

Show up with your federal worker ID at pickup at Spoonfoolery, 2113 Greenleaf unit 4, Evanston, and you'll get a meal of Mac-n-Cheese, garlic-roasted broccoli, and brownies!

I talked to Mamata on Monday, when she offered this generously for the first time:

DE: What made you decide to do this?

MR: I have several friends working for the federal government, many working without pay or who know furloughed folks. I couldn’t imagine relying on that paycheck and it just vanishing because our leadership decided to hold these workers hostage for political gain.

I’ve worked in Chicago food deserts and with youth who regularly go without meals. This is not OK, not in any industrialized nation. If our government isn’t going to rise up and treat these families as the dedicated employees they are, then the private sector will have to support them somehow, and food is something I know and can most definitely share.

DE: How many meals did you make?

MR: We have about 40 meals ready to go and more to make and share again on Friday the 25th from noon-3 p.m., which will be our second pickup day for anyone who can’t make it today.

DE: Did anyone help you?

MR: Dr Parul Gupta, a local OB/GYN and William Hall, an Evanston resident, pilot and father.


NOTE: You can donate to help pay for the meals here.

Spoonfoolery is a new kitchen classroom for little cooks: a place for young people to cook, learn, and grow! Spoonfoolery offers cooking classes in a studio kitchen for ages three to 14. You can find out more about Mamata and Spoonfoolery here.

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