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Don't Miss Piven's "Hopelessly Devoted," at a Discount!

Dear Evanston,

I'm excited to announce that Piven Theatre Workshop has generously offered discounted tickets to DE followers to see their capstone performance: the premiere of Kate Tempest’s Hopelessly Devoted, which opens this Saturday, April 6 and runs through May 5.

The Piven team is always masterful at exploring racial and social justice issues, and Hopelessly Devoted is no exception.

DE followers can see the play for just $15! If you'd like to see the play but can't afford the $15, email us and we'll help cover the cost of your ticket.

To purchase your discounted ticket, click here, pick the date that works for you, and enter DE15 at checkout. Or call the box office at (847) 866-8049 and give them the DE code.

Want to go as a group? Dear Evanston will be heading out to see the play on its last day, Sunday, May 5, at 2:30 p.m.

Again, tickets are $15 and I'll be doing a talkback after the production.

If enough folks are interested, we could arrange a lunch gathering beforehand.

I'll be setting up an event for that soon.

What's the Play About?

The play tells the powerful story of Chess, a woman in prison facing a lengthy sentence, the pain of separation from her daughter, the loss of her cell mate, Serena, when she is given parole, and the feeling of total isolation.

When prison authorities suggest she work with Silver, a music producer, Chess begins to find her voice, her strength, and her ability to face the most difficult thing of all – her past.

Featuring award-winning poet and musician Kate Tempest’s trademark lyrical fireworks and live music, HD is a story of love and redemption.

The topic is near and dear to the Piven team's heart (and to mine). Each spring summer, and fall for the past three years, Piven has run a multi-week program, EPIC, (Ensemble Play in Cook County), at the Cook County Jail.

The ensemble--which comprises 10 to 15 women who are in detention at the jail--practices collaboration, courage, and self-discovery through theater games, improv, and original storytelling.

The classes are much like regular Piven classes at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center. They’re taught by four Piven teachers, including "Hopelessly Devoted's" director Abby Pierce. Added to the session is a poetry- and prose-writing component so participants can reflect on their experiences in the program.

“At its heart, theater is about telling stories, and everyone has a story,” says Piven Artistic Director Jennifer Green, “And empowering people and lifting up underrepresented voices is always important. The women in this program are finding new ways to discover who they are, and to communicate and increase their social and emotional wellness in a highly stressful situation.”

You can read about my day with Piven at the Cook County Jail last year here.

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