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Exciting, cool news for all foodies in the Chicago area--and for one Evanston chef!

Next month, The Wing, a new club that will offer members-only work space designed for women by women will open in the Fulton Market area in Chicago.

The club will feature food from high-profile chefs, including Evanston's own Q. Ibraheem--Chef Q.--of Teertsemasesottehg!

The news was recently announced in Eater Chicago.

"I'm stoked to be a part of The Wing Chicago because it's an organization that supports female empowerment," says Chef Q.

"Teertsemasesottehg is know as Chicago's only female hospitality team. So it parallels everything I want to achieve."

In Evanston, Chef Q. most recently catered an outstanding buffet for the Women's History Month brunch featuring Cheryl Judice interviewing former Senator Carol Moseley Braun. The event was sponsored by Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre and co-sponsored by Dear Evanston and Allie Payne of MSGroup Dreamtown Realty.

Q.'s main venture, Teertsemasesottehg, which she launched almost three years ago, is a secret location underground dining experience that focuses on locally sourced foods. To participate, guests can only sign up on Teertsemasesottehg's Facebook page or Instagram. Guests purchase tickets, but only know the general area (for example, "Evanston," or "West Rogers Park,") of the chef's dinner until the day-of.

Once guests arrive at the secret location, they enjoy a six-course meal. The dinners are BYOB, and Chef Q. says she always tries to work with a local artisan wine shop in the community where the dinner is hosted.

"I want to promote buying local and building community partnerships," Q. says. "In Evanston, Diane from The Wine Goddess has kindly been been our cyber sommelier."

Teertsemasesottehg also offers catering--private upscale, boutique dining with customized menus for events of under 150 people.

"We do a ton of private underground dinners for clients who say 'I have a wine cellar and 20 friends that I'd like to show off to.' Truth!" Q. laughs.

Chef Q., who is Board President of the Evanston Food Exchange and Operations Manager with the Foster Street Urban Agriculture Program, served as the Executive Chef at Curt's Cafe when the cafe had just opened, and then became Curt's Corporate Executive chef, in charge of kitchen training at Curt's on Central Street and Curt's Cafe South.

Chef Q. is one of seven acclaimed local chefs and purveyors who are collaborating on the cafe and bar selections at 811 W. Fulton Market.

"Chicago's restaurant scene predominantly showcases white male-run kitchens. Only recently have female chefs in Chicago been shining with Michelin stars," Q. says.

"The Wing chose Chicago's hottest female chefs, most with flagship restaurants. So to be recognized for my contributions to the Chicago food scene as a Black female chef without a brick and mortar spot is amazing. I've had to work five times as hard to not be completely invisible. The Wing has given me room to just be great and create deliciousness."

Congrats, Chef Q.!

NOTE: The first reader to email and tell us the origin of the name Teertsemasesottehg will receive a Dear Evanston T-shirt and mug!

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