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Friends of Robert Crown; Save Harley Clarke: It's time to focus on Family Focus!

Are you ready to help save Family Focus Evanston? Then join the Unity Walk for Family Focus this Wednesday at 5 p.m.

The walk has been organized by Nikko Ross and JoAnn Avery and the youth from the Evanston/North Shore Branch NAACP and Family Focus Evanston!

The walk will begin at Simpson and Dodge, proceed to Church and Dodge (where there'll be a stop at C & W Market and Ice Cream Parlor for ice cream), then on to Church north on Darrow to Foster, and back to Family Focus.

Please share ... and show up.

This building has an enormously important history and present in Evanston's Black community--and therefore it is important to our entire community.

If we can build a $53 million Robert Crown Center and we can save Harley Clarke, then we are all charged with helping to keep this building in the community and for the community.

Listen to Jerome Summers talk about the building and everything it has meant--and continues to mean--to Evanston residents, particularly those in the 5th ward.

For everyone who has donated and supported the new Robert Crown Center or worked so hard to save the Harley Clarke mansion: I hope you'll walk on Wednesday.

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