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Curt's South to close next month; Hours extended at North

Tonight, Curt's Cafe announced that it will expand its student programming by consolidating its two operations into one Café next month.

The hours at Curt's North at 2922 Central Street will be extended, and the cafe on Dempster will close.

At the Central Street location, the cafe will be operating longer hours and serving both young men and young women in the same space.

"The new arrangement will allow for more hours of learning and in turn create an increase in positive outcomes for our students," the announcement, signed by Curt's Board President Rick Marsh and Executive Director Susan Garcia Trieschmann.

Photo: Curt's on Central street will expand its hours

"The decision to merge our student programs at our Central St. Cafe and close our Dempster location was a very difficult one," said Curt's Board President Rick Marsh​.

"We’ve wrestled with this decision for 3 years."

Marsh listed three factors that led to the decision: 1) Because they are in school, young women have expressed that they would be more available to learn job skills in the late afternoon and early evening than during the day;

2) The Central St. location will operate longer hours to accommodate the young women. The hope is to attract more female students;

3) The Dempster location has limited kitchen equipment and limits the women's training, as opposed to the facilities at Curt's on Central.

"Our lens is clearly focused on our students," said Marsh. "Our mission drives our decision making: Curt’s Cafe improves outcomes for young adults living in at-risk situations through work and life skills training."

"We graciously thank the community who supported the Café on Dempster Street for four years and look forward to making you feel as welcomed and appreciated at our Central Street location," the announcement continued.

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