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Thoughts about Evanston--penned by lifelong resident and activist Lonnie Wilson.

What will history say about Evanston, Robert Crown, City management and their crew? What will history say about our town, the lies the bullshit, and worn shoes? What will history say about District 65 and 202, where white kids bloomed but Black and brown kids are through? What will history say about that small melanated village in Evanston that died? How will the rich white folks cover up that death? You can't hide. How will we be seen in the future? Will we be seen as a town that could spin a lie, make murder look like some suicide? When the kids from Northwestern graduate, will they bring their kids here and say, "Once upon a time this is where the Black people stayed?" Sadly, this is the future we face as color and difference get drained from this place. How happy will the lonely rich people be when it's just them, some squirrels, and a few trees? When the color is gone and they all sing that song, "Them negro's is gone." I think tears will spill when this place becomes a white boot hill.

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