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Attend or Tune In to Affordable Housing Strategic Meeting Tonight!

Dear Evanston,

Evanston is experiencing a housing crisis. To address this situation, Reclaim Evanston and Connections for the Homeless/ Joining Forces for Affordable Housing are collaborating on an affordable-housing campaign this summer.

Please attend the scheduled meeting specific to your ward to discuss the housing crisis, share your stories, and come up with proposed solutions! We need our entire community to work together to make Evanston more affordable and to maintain its diversity.

The first meeting in the series took place this past Monday in the 9th ward.

Tonight, there is a meeting from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for 8th ward residents at the Levy Center. You do not have to live in the 8th ward to attend.

***Dear Evanston will livestream as many meetings as possible so that you can participate even if you can't attend. We will be at tonight's meeting, so check in at 7 p.m. to attend via FB.***

Affordable housing is key to building a community of opportunity for all and maintaining Evanston as a culturally rich and diverse community.

Come learn about strategies to address the loss of affordable housing in Evanston due to gentrification, ineffective city policies, and the burden of rents and taxes.

Learn what plans Evanston already has on the books and how you can help the City Council make them happen.

Please share this information with your neighbors, friends, and family.

Attend a ward meeting (see dates and locations below).

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