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Be part of a historic movement to bring reparations to Evanston's Black community

Dear Evanston,

Fifth Ward Alderman Robin Rue Simmons urges residents to focus on solutions at the first community meeting on reparations July 11. [RoundTable photos]

On July 11, Robin Rue Simmons 5th Ward Alderman, former 5th ward Ald. Delores Holmes, Patricia A Efiom, director of the City's Equity and Empowerment Department, and former alderman Jane Grover, chair of Evanston's Equity and Empowerment Commission, called a meeting for Evanston residents to begin to discuss solutions to repair the harm and injustices that have been done to Black Evanston residents.

Please read Robert Seidenberg's report about the meeting here.

Longtime Evanston resident Judith Treadway speaking at first community reparations meeting at Gibbs-Morrison on July 11. [RoundTable photos]

Since the meeting, Ald. Simmons has started a public Facebook group for anyone who would like to get involved in finding, as Ald. Simmons says, "actionable plans, suggestions, and recommendations that I can get support from my colleagues on the Council and actually bring some repair.”

I particularly strongly encourage white Evanstonians to get on board.

The fact is, reparations are ours to make.

You can join the conversation here.

The next community meeting is on 8/15/19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Civic Center in the Parasol Room.

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