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Time for a Break

Dear Evanston,

A quick note: we'll be taking a semi-break from Facebook through Mid-September so that we can focus our time on organizing our bus trip to Montgomery and take some time off for family too.

We'll still be posting about the trip (and yes, we still would really appreciate donations to support it!) and providing other selected news, stories, interviews, and information, but just want you to know that we won't have the capacity to respond to all your questions, requests, emails, or private messages in as timely a fashion as usual.

If you have an event that address issues of race, poverty, gun violence, and community-building that you'd like to share, please post it on DE as a visitor post (note that if it doesn't fit within DE's purview, it will be taken down).

Interested in donating to our Montgomery journey fundraiser to support scholarship, snacks, drinks, and other incidentals for our 110 participants? You can do that here.

Hoping you're all having a good and productive summer!

Thanks, everyone!

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