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Reflections: Rina Campbell on Dear Evanston’s Uncomfortable Journey to Montgomery, Alabama.

“This pic and quote from the Heidi Keibler Stevens' Trib column sum up this 56 hour journey to Montgomery & Selma for me. It’s Bruce King’s quote and my favorite picture from the trip that I took of him (posted with his permission) at Bryan Stevenson’s National Memorial for Peace and Justice, aka the “lynching memorial:”

“I am a 66-year-old black man,” King said. “My grandfather was run out of Abbeville, S.C., in 1910 or he was to be lynched. My other grandfather was African American and Native American, and his family was run out of Oklahoma.

“I want to go and peel the scab off,” he said. “I want to open this wound so I can free flow and cry like a baby and go deeper than I’ve ever imagined possible in the healing process that needs to take place in America.”

Photo cred: Rina Campbell

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