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Reflections: a poem by Ellen Rosen Kaplan inspired by our Uncomfortable Journey.

To a White Perpetrator

The roots of the trees you used to hang, shoot and burn luminous, spirited, brilliant souls- grew in the soil that surrounds your ancestor’s bones.

What in that decomposed soil permeated your heart?

Was your hatred fueled by your lack of power?

Why did you feel so powerless?

Cause you ain’t God?

Who crushed YOUR soul like an insect?

Did your Domination activate a surge of Adrenalin to replace your emptiness?

To ensure your survival?

What will it take for you to know that ancient instincts still swim in your brain?

Do you know that you also have a holy brain that needs awakening?

Wake up!!! See that your ancient brain has been indoctrinated to believe these radiant, luminous dark skinned people are threatening.

The threat has been created and sustained in codes and modes amplified with invisible cloaks and hoods—

Could your spirit have been so deeply crushed, that when you saw the radiant eyes and hearts of the people, your grief was too unbearable to tolerate?

Did you obliterate that precious life so you would not be reminded of your vacant soul?

AWAKEN FROM YOUR STUPOR, TURN YOUR SHADOW INTO LIGHT. DEPLOY YOUR COURAGE, STRENGTH and RESILIENCE to gaze into your hijacked heart. Reclaim it, own your SIN— Repent and wake up.

Plead for forgiveness— with every cell in your body, mind and soul. Pledge to repair...

Be a mirror for others that humbly exposes your truth. Begin replenishing the blood stained soil, by planting seeds of repentance, compassion, love, peace, and justice.

Photo cred: Rebecca Parmet

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