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Reflections: Kimberly Holmes-Ross on Dear Evanston's Uncomfortable Journey.

Reflections from Kimberly Holmes-Ross who took Dear Evanston’s Uncomfortable Journey to Montgomery, Alabama with her son Nikko Ross who celebrated his 24th birthday on the bus, and her mother, 82-year-old Hon. Delores Holmes, former long-time 5th Ward alderman.

Kimberly, who is the Community Engagement Coordinator for Evanston Cradle to Career and Advocates for Action (A4A) played a crucial role in organizing the journey and encouraging folks from the Foster Senior Club and A4A to come along.

“So many incredible moments, so many emotions, so much horrific history. Every moment there was more to learn, more to take in, more to cry about, more to be mad about, and yes more to be proud of.

Through all the adversity we are still here. Like many of you, I will share more later, but this is my favorite moment by far: my mother crossing The Edmund Pettus Bridge, reliving the past she had lived through Stronger, Wiser, Better. I am grateful that she had the opportunity to do this, and proud that I was a part of making it happen.”

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