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Returning from our Uncomfortable Journey

It seems like years —and like a nanosecond—since we left Evanston for our Uncomfortable Journey on Friday. We headed south as individuals, but we returned having forged strong and special bonds.

These guys—Dwayne, Tony, Jerry, and Steve. Four kinder, funnier, more dedicated bus drivers, there could not be.

Incredible fact: two of our drivers, Tony and Dwayne, were our drivers three years ago, when Kathleen Johnson Long, Evan Bernstein Finamore, and I organized four buses of Evanstonians to head to DC for the Women’s March to protest when Trump was inaugurated. We were all stunned to see one another—completely unplanned and unexpected—for another cross-country journey.

And Felicia Blackburn (former Evanstonian, ETHS grad, and now Atlanta resident), your amazing husband Fred Blackburn and you company Epiphany Travel Agency—thank you for helping us coordinate and manage every detail of our journey with such grace under pressure.

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