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Historic: Reparations move forward in Evanston

Last Monday, our City Council unanimously passed SP3 (see council actions below). We are moving forward with creating policy for reparations for African American residents in our city. I will work along with Aldermen Ann Rainey and Cicely L. Fleming, 9th Ward Alderwoman using community input, our city data and input from Reparations leaders to present policy of substance and impact. My request is $10 Million (over 10 years) and the theme from our community has focused on Housing, Ownership, Business Development and other areas to repair and uplift African American families.

Later that week (Wednesday-Friday), I attended the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference and we were recognized for leading our city in such important policy. I had a meeting with Dr. Ron Daniels (Chairman of the National African American Reparations Commission) who will be following up with us to support us in completing and implementing the policy.

There is a lot of work ahead of us and I have made it clear to all involved of our goal of having this passed in 2019. This will not be just ceremonial. We have Alderman Rainy who has been committed to Housing equality and community development for decades, her institutional knowledge and get it done approach to policy she supports will be very valuable. Alderman Fleming has worked on equity matters for years now and this is inline with her life’s work and an important compliment to the Resolution she authored that we passed this summer.

This is an historic time for us but most important, we are getting closer to bridging the gaps that keeps some of us from the same opportunities and lived experience as others in our great city.

I could not be more proud of our community, the support, the respectful push back, the thirst for more information, the commitment to understanding, the celebration of our differences, the book clubs and road trips and new friendships and partnerships, the sacrifices... we are Evanston.

We will get this done for us.


If you want to get involved in making reparations a reality, please follow the Evanston Reparations/Solutions Only FB group.

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