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Curt's Cafe's annual Party with a Purpose

It's Curt's Cafe's annual Party with a Purpose on Saturday, October 19, and two of the most civic and community-minded folks, Evanston Police Department Officers Enjoli Enjee Denise Daley and Adam Howard are being honored. I don't know how these two individuals manage to find the time to do what they do for our community, FAR beyond their policing duties.

I hope, if you can, you'll go and support them--and the work of Curt's Cafe. If you can't go but you have the means to donate, please donate what you can!

Curt's does so much to empower our young people who've been faced with hurdles and obstacles (mostly as a result of systemic racism and its effects) and helps them land on their feet and lead productive and meaningful lives!

To find out more about the event, click here.

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