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Borrow a Human "Book" at the EPL from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 6

A book is more than its cover, and a person is deeper than your first impression. Go deep with someone unlike yourself at Evanston Public Library's fourth annual Human Library and practice the motto of the Human Library, “Unjudge someone.”

Evanston Public Library's fourth annual Human Library takes place on Sunday, October 6 at the Main Library.

Thirteen “books” so far are scheduled, although the list could change. These include:

Gay white man Sikh Sikh teen Retired police commander Blind African American activist Biracial Transgender Immigrant who sought political asylum Drag queen Muslim woman Deaf

The Human Library is designed to foster frank conversations between people in a safe, positive environment. Library patrons, or “readers,” borrow human “Books” for 30 minutes in a public space mediated by “librarians.”

“Books” are community members who share their experiences of prejudice and/or discrimination based on race, religion, sexual preference, class, gender identity, disability, or another aspect of their lives.

“Readers” and “Books” engage in a one-on-one dialogue designed to expose people to experiences that are different from their own and to encourage a deeper understanding among members of a community. Conversation time available with each “Book” borrowed is 30 minutes.

EPL's Human Library is based on a movement that began in Denmark in 2000, and now covers six continents and 85 countries.

All are welcome, including families. A parent with one or two kids can meet with a “Book” to hear about his or her experiences.

Here's Dear Evanston's report on last year's Human Library with interviews of the "books" that were available to "read."

Watch Dear Evanston's short video from last year's Human Library here.

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