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Foster Seniors strut their stuff at fashion show.

If you've never been, make a plan to be there next year. This is an event ALL of Evanston would enjoy.

Models aged five to 100--yes ONE hundred years old--strutted their stuff on the runway for a delighted crowd of about 200.

Runway luminaries included St. Rep. Robyn Gabel, Mayor Steve Hagerty Steve Hagerty, Robin Rue Simmons 5th Ward Alderman, and Cicely L. Fleming, 9th Ward Alderwoman.

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with our community.

Thanks to Dear Evanston Uncomfortable Journey participants Hon. Delores Holmes, Joy Horton, Omega Clark, Jo-Ann Cromer, Catherine Johnson, and Eva Coley for inviting us to join you. Great to see Evan Bernstein Finamore, Kimberly Holmes-Ross, Stephanie Saunders, Sherria Wedlow, Gerri Sizemore, Leticia Barge, and others ( Michelle Jenney Jordan from afar) too. And check out Carlis Sutton's style! So much fashion, fun and fellowship today!

Enjoy this short compilation that includes ALL the sashaying, striding, twirling, models, their eye-catching ensembles and their sense of fun and community.

If you want to support the club, you can make a check out to Foster Senior Club and send it c/o Dear Evanston, P.O. Box 8165, Evanston IL 60204 and I'll get it to them!

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