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Help Change the Conversation on Gun Violence in America: a Film Contest for Youth

Hey Evanston high schoolers, college students, and grad students:

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) is holding a film contest and wants YOUR submission for a first prize of $1,000 scholarship, second prize of $750, and third prize of $500.

All Entries must be received by April, 15, 2020.

Young people are among those most impacted by gun violence in the United States. In 2017, 3,443 children and teens died from gunfire in suicides, homicides, and unintentional deaths. That same year, more than 18,000 Americans under the age of 20 were injured by guns.

The goal of the Youth Against Gun Violence Scholarship Film Contest is to create a platform for the voices of youth and young adults to be heard on gun violence and ways to help prevent it and support participants’ continuing education.

Here are just some ideas for your submission (come up with your own!):

-- personal experiences with gun violence;

-- gun violence in our community;

-- how gun violence affects our nation; or

-- ways we can work to prevent gun violence on the local, state, or national level.

All Entries must be received by April, 15, 2020 and the winner will be announced on May 15, 2020.

Three scholarship prizes will be awarded:

1st Place: $1,000 scholarship 2nd Place: $750 scholarship 3rd Place: $500 scholarship

This Contest is open to high-school students 14 years of age or older, full-time college students, or graduate-level film students.

To enter your film/video, visit the contest’s submissions page here, which also contains the contest’s rules and required release form for your entry.

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