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Listen to Dickelle Fonda and Jevoid Simmons’ interview on The Jen Weigel Show

I love what Dickelle Fonda and Jevoid Simmons had to say about their experience participating in Dear Evanston's Uncomfortable Journey to Montgomery, Alabama on Jenniffer Weigel's show on WLS-AM 890 this week.

Jevoid talked about his apprehension about going to Alabama. Dickelle talked about how their interracial marriage was illegal in the 60s--during the time when some of their friends marched over the Edmund Pettus bridge with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"When Jevoid and I walked over the bridge, it was a poignant moment for us," she said.

Jevoid talked about how he was struck by the continuum of slavery to mass incarceration, and how, though we have come a long way, we have a long way to go.

"Mass incarceration keeps people almost in a slave condition," he said.

When Jen suggested that maybe we should stop "scraping the scab" of the past because dwelling on it prevents healing, Jevoid replied:

"The nation has never really dealt with the whole issue of slavery. When you look at white America, Black and brown people aren't viewed as equal. If we're going to make change in the country and really have equity, justice and all of the things we all say we want, we have to recognize there is a part of what we call America that has been detrimental, and continues to be that for Black and brown people.

"When you look at mass incarceration and wonder why people who commit similar crimes get different justice based on who they are, there's something wrong. We've never had the discussion and it's like a wound that's festered and it will never be resolved until it's opened up. Individuals who are white need to witness and be in touch with all these things. No, you didn't create all these things, but you still live in a system that jeopardizes Black and brown people, doesn't prioritize them, and policies the country has does this as well."

You can listen here. Click on the 11/6/19 show; their interview is on the time line at 16:28.


Come hear more about our journey, what we learned, experienced, and what we brought back with us at Evanston Live at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 16 at American Legion Post 42 - Evanston. Jevoid will join Mandy Bee Eason, Jane Grover, and me for a live interview. Tickets here.

7:15pm -8:00pm

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Mark Collins interview with Nina Kavin, Jeviod Simmons, Jane Grover & Mandy Eason

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