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Evanston resident Lachisa Barton starts the holiday season off with a focus on service.

Yesterday, I saw this post on Lachisa Barton's Facebook page. I asked if I could share it here so more people could see it, participate, and follow her lead.

I've known Lachisa since 2016 when I interviewed her for Dear Evanston.

She's a strong, kind, determined person who works with Evanston's youth through her position as an outreach worker under the guidance of the department's long-time manager Kevin L. Brown. She and her department are ALL about service and giving back. Lachisa was also a participant on Dear Evanston's recent Uncomfortable Journey to Montgomery, Alabama.

Here's what Lachisa is asking of Evanstonians as Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hannukah and Christmas draw near.


"I'm looking to start a season of giving service exchange. Are you a service provider? Would you be willing to give away a service to someone else this holiday season? Let me explain how things will go.

"If I am a t-shirt designer, I would be willing to donate a shirt or shirts to a family for holiday photos. This way I'm marketing my business by helping one person.

"If I am a barber or beautician, I will donate one service to a person in need.

"If I am a life coach, I will be willing to donate one hour of time to an individual in need of services.

"If I am a fitness instructor, I will donate 1 hour to help someone navigate their fitness goals.

"Now, how will you know who to help and get connected to the people who could use your services? Social media!

I will have people reach out to me via inbox only to let me know a service they may need this holiday season. I will then connect with people or organizations who want to be involved to see how to properly match individuals.

"This is a great way to uplift the community and it all starts with you! The things listed above are only examples, there are many service providers that could benefit from participating in something like this.

"For the pilot program we will accept 25 providers.

What can you do?"


Thank you, Lachisa, for asking this question! I hope your inbox is full of offers!

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