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Evanston’s City Council passes reparations resolution: first in nation.

Grateful and thankful today for Robin Rue Simmons 5th Ward Alderman’s vision, for all (but one--Ald. Tom Suffredin, 6th ward) City Council members passing the resolution on Monday, and Alderman Ann Rainey and Cicely L. Fleming, 9th Ward Alderwoman for serving on the Reparations Subcommittee.

Starting next year, all of Evanston’s tax revenue from recreational marijuana sales will go to a reparations fund until it reaches a $10 million cap.

My interview with Ald. Simmons will be posted next week.

Here's WBEZ's report.

All Evanston residents can also participate in reparations by giving to the brand new Reparations fund the City established a couple of weeks ago.

**Here's how**

Send your (tax-deductible) check to:

Lorraine Morton Civic Center 2100 Ridge Ave Evanston IL 60201 Attn: Reparations Fund

Make your check payable to:

City of Evanston Memo: Reparations Fund “Solutions Only”

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