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We'd love your support on Giving Tuesday!

Tomorrow's Giving Tuesday (a day I prefer ENORMOUSLY over Black Friday and Cyber Monday)! It's a chance to support organizations and groups that work toward making the world a better place.

With that in mind, I humbly ask that you consider making a donation to Dear Evanston to help keep our shoestring organization, which comprises three board members (Allie payne, Rina Campbell, and Kerry Miller) and me, with help from a (very) part-time administrative assistant and occasional interns, afloat--and help us grow!

You can donate right here on Facebook, OR by check made out to Dear Evanston and sent to P.O. Box 8165, Evanston IL 60204, OR on the DE website here. Your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for following Dear Evanston's news, stories, and calls to action. For all the likes, comments, shares, and support this past year. Thanks for supporting and/or participating in the Dear Evanston Racial Justice Book Group. And for supporting and/or joining our Uncomfortable Journey to Montgomery, Alabama. Thank you for responding to Dear Evanston's calls to support important work in Evanston--most recently, getting Kevin Brown's job back so that youth and young adults in Evanston are front and center in the effort to support our most vulnerable residents (we're still hoping the right decision will be made!); and getting behind the brand new resolution to pay reparations to Evanston's Black community.

And thank you most of all for your commitment to helping make Evanston a more just and inclusive city.

Channeling my hero Bryan Stevenson, thanks for getting proximate, getting uncomfortable, helping to change the narrative, while always maintaining hope!

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