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455 gun deaths in Chicago so far this year. Honoring the victims.

We remembered Macksantino Webb, great-nephew of Pastor Zollie Webb. His was the most recent gun death that has shaken the Rogers Park and Evanston communities.

Thank you to everyone there who responded to my and Kimberly Holmes-Ross' request for donations to help cover funeral costs. We raised $330 in about 10 minutes. Thank you, Sara Frederick Knizhnik, for allowing us to take time to honor Macksantino and ask for support.

We have also raised $705 on our GoFundMe and more through checks and Zelle.

If you haven't given but would like to--please do!

You can donate here; OR

send a check made out to Haliburton Funeral Chapel, 1317 Emerson Street, Evanston Il 60201; OR

It's a mind-numbing, painful endeavor to raise money for a funeral rather than for scholarships or other positive, future-directed occasions.

Thank you, everyone, for your generosity.

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