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Evanston Sings! at ETHS

Dear Evanston,

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate! What a beautiful day!

And Happy fourth day of Hannukah today and ... happy Kwanzaa, which begins tomorrow!

I thought I'd share this beautiful music from the "Evanston Sings" gospel concert in June 2017. It's a treat to hear and today's a perfect day to enjoy it.

Our hearts are with Pastor Zollie Webb and his family who just this week buried Pastor Webb's 20-year-old great-nephew Macksantino Webb who was shot and killed on the Howard El platform just weeks ago. Pastor Webb leads "Evanston Sings," and you can hear him talk about his childhood growing up in foster families in the video below.

Pastor Webb has spent his adult life working to protect young men from violence and Evanston Sings raises money each year for the Mayor's Youth Summer Employment Program that helps keep young people constructively engaged every summer.

Just days after his great-nephew's murder, Pastor Webb suffered a heart attack. So grateful he has recovered!

On his Facebook page two days ago, Pastor Webb thanked everyone who attended Macksantino's funeral and addressed the continuing scourge of youth gun violence.

"I must say it still concerns me that some of young people die too early by the hands of other young people. I don't know how to convince our young that murdering each other does not help our people," he wrote.

"When I think of all the brothers and sisters that have willing given their lives for our community's freedom, it seems almost a waste of their sacrifices to see the response our young people now show by not honoring the memory of our heroes.

"How do I simply say "STOP KILLING EACH OTHER?"

"Two week ago I suffered a heart attack. I don't know why the Lord gave me another chance, I've not been perfect, I have made a lot of mistakes, I have other health problems. Yet, He left me here. So for whatever time I have left I will continue to preach the same message: 'Life is worth Living if you allow the Lord to direct your path. His path is simple,' Love Ye One Another As He Loves Us.' Can't you do it?"

A perfect message for the season--and for every single day.

And from Kimberly Holmes-Ross and myself: Thank you to everyone who contributed to our GoFundMe for Macksantino's funeral expenses.


Finally: Remember to attend tomorrow's Kwanzaa celebration at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center! It starts at 6 p.m. and will be led by Dr. Gilo Kwesi Cornell Logan and Soul Creations!

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