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To all my (non-Black) friends and DE followers: support reparations on my birthday.

As Tosha Wilson said so beautifully when I asked her why folks should support the Evanston Reparations Initiative: "Help repair the legacy of my soul. The damage is deep...all hands on deck."

Last November, Evanston became the first city in the United States to pass a resolution to create a local Reparations Fund as part of its budget. The news has been covered by media throughout the country and the world.

Evanston's City Council found a creative and brilliant way to help fund the reparations initiative: to use tax revenue from the newly legal sale of recreational weed.

It also established a separate fund so individuals, organizations, and businesses can contribute.

If weed's your speed (and you're 21 or older), go 'head and buy those gummies, tinctures, flowers, oils, and edibles--buy them at MedMen on Maple Street and you'll be supporting reparations!

But if, like me, weed's not your speed (wine's how I unwind), simply click on this GoFundMe and I will make sure every dollar you contribute is deposited in the Reparations Fund (there isn't currently a direct link to contribute online, which is why I'm making it easy for you!).

Thank you!

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