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Congratulations to EC2C/Advocates 4Action community grant recipients.

I love these grants.

Ranging from $250 to $1,000, they're designed to support individuals and groups that want to make their neighborhood, ward, or community better places to live and raise their families by bringing people together, sharing skills and knowledge. They're intended for hyperlocal projects that have big impact. Established nonprofit organizations are not eligible to apply.

I also love these grants because grant recipients are evaluated by members of Advocates for Action (A4A), a council of community members who have received leadership training that helps to amplify their voices and equips them to lead the actions necessary for change in our community.

“The opportunity for Advocates For Action to be decision makers in grants that empower their own communities is significant,” said Kimberly Holmes-Ross, EC2C's community engagement director. "Our hope is that community members continue to take leadership roles in making a difference in their own communities."

To date, A4A, in partnership with the Evanston Community Foundation, has received 40 applications for Community Building Grants and has awarded 25 grants, totaling more than $19,000.

Here are this year's recipients:

E-Town Sister Circle: A group for black women fostering a sense of belonging and support. Congrats, Allie Payne and Sylveria Steele!

Evanston Minority Business Consortium: A pre-apprenticeship training program preparing individuals for building trades apprenticeships. Congrats, Bennett J. Johnson!

Evanston Latinos/Convivencia (Fuerza Latina): to build community and empowerment. Congrats, Rosa Sriver!

Girls Empowered to Thrive (G.E.T. T.): Self-defense and mentorship program to build girls self-esteem and confidence. Congrats, Abigail Aziza Stone!

Girls Summit on Leadership and Action: for 50 eighth-grade girls to inspire and challenge them to think outside the box. Congrats, Tosha Wilson and Girls Play Sports!

I Made This: Teaching adults 18+ how to sew. Congrats, Jane Colleton!

Juneteenth Creative Dance: Dance team of African-American children eight to 16 to perform on Juneteenth 2020. Congrats, Kemone Hendricks and The Dani Jo Company!

Knitting Outreach:Promote intercultural and intergenerational outreach through the international craft of knitting. Congrats, Barbara Gately!

Latinx Parents en Accion: A support group providing information and connections for Latinx parents. Congrats, Rocio Mancera!

Learning Our History – Changing Our Future: A trip for 16 youth and six adults to Wright and Motown Museums in Detroit. Congrats, Eva Coley!

Wealth I Am: A wealth building through storytelling event. Congrats, Nehanda Julot!


Advocates for Action include: Daphne Dortch; Glenn Mackey; Tiffany Jackson; Marquise Witherspoon; Damita Cravens; Charetta Williams; Sandra Hewitt; Twanda Gee; Roman Walker; and Patrina Gregory.

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