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Ready to run for office?

OPAL (Organization for Positive Action and Leadership) wants to meet prospective candidates for public office who share its value of racial equity, particularly as racial equity relates to Black Evanston residents.

If you or someone you know is interested in running for office, OPAL wants to talk to you and possibly help you or your nominee prepare for your campaign.

To connect with OPAL, complete this nomination form and an OPAL board member will be in touch (Remember to click "Submit!")

Note that these initial meetings do not constitute an endorsement from OPAL. They are simply informational meetings.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

About OPAL:

OPAL works to achieve racial equity in Evanston through advocacy, voter education, civic engagement, and candidate development by:

·Engaging and equipping Evanston residents to actively participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

·Working to ensure that leadership reflects and prioritizes racial equity.

·Working to amplify the voices of Evanston residents who have been under-represented.

OPAL's board of directors:

Roger Williams, President Oliver A. Ruff, Vice President Cicely Wilson Fleming, CEO Alyce Barry, Secretary Martha Burns Tiffani Holmes Alex Morgan Tameka Jackson

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