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The City of Evanston is looking for a new Equity Coordinator

Could it be you?

The Equity Coordinator will "be responsible for advising and coordinating equity work within all City departments and with the Equity and Empowerment Commission, and will examine and redesign City practices and policies to ensure equitable outcomes and advancing opportunities for all."

Read the full job description here.


-- Must possess a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy, Social Work, Business Administration, Public Administration, Organizational Development, Industrial/Organizational Psychology or a substantially similar area from an accredited college or university. Possession of a master’s degree is preferred.

-- Must possess five (5) or more years of progressively responsible experience in policy development, workforce development/compliance, or related field, and must possess three (3) or more years of work experience in diversity and inclusion, equity advocacy, or related field.

-- Knowledge, skills, and abilities in the following areas:

*Ability to analyze and resolve unusual or difficult problems.

*Ability to analyze complicated data and to provide executive summaries utilizing text narratives, forms, tables, graphs, diagrams, maps, etc.

*Knowledge of comprehensive research of organizational policies and procedures, best practices, and innovative techniques.

*Ability to compile data, analyze and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data into a technical report.

*Knowledge of and ability to explain and apply social identity development concepts and other theories of individual and organizational change as it relates to intercultural competency and creating an inclusive and equitable environment for participation.

*Ability to be a motivated self-starter and work and reason independently as well as within a team; ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

*Ability to work with diverse groups of internal and external customers and ability to consistently demonstrate strong interpersonal skills.

*Strong knowledge and ability to apply customer service skills and the ability to deal positively and effectively with the general public and other staff and individual agencies or persons.

*Ability to develop an awareness of community culture and subcultures within the community and organization.

*Successful experience working with cultural identity groups who do not share the cultural identity of the person holding this position; experience in the field of diversity and inclusion, multicultural education and/or multicultural identity development.

*Ability to think critically and to evaluate theories, research, and data.

*Considerable knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques related to dialogue, intercultural communication, transforming conflict, collaborative decision making, consensus building and group facilitation that fosters a chosen accountability and asset based approach.

*Ability to facilitate dialogue across individuals and groups with dissonant personal values and beliefs.

*Ability to mediate in highly charged and emotional situations involving issues of identity and respect, with a preference for experience in transformative mediation; ability to facilitate learning experiences related to intercultural communication.

*Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with internal staff as well as the City of Evanston as a whole at all levels including external partner organizations and vendors.

*Proficiency and knowledge of Google Suite and Microsoft Office Suite mainly, but not limited to, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

*Strong oral, written and organizational skills; strong research, analytical and project management skills.

*Ability to apply reasoning to work assignments, research of issues, summaries, letters and memorandum, and reports using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction, and style.

*Ability to handle daily, weekly, monthly, and annual calendars and scheduling.

*Read the full job description here.

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