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Potential city manager recruitment schedule presented to City Council.

By Julia Richardson, The Daily Northwestern

"The city has begun the process of finding a permanent city manager following the resignation of former city manager Wally Bobkiewicz in August 2019.

Heidi Voorhees, the co-owner and president of GovHR, initiated a council discussion about the proposed recruitment schedule, which is set to begin in a few weeks.

Voorhees said the process would include both community stakeholder meetings and individual meetings with aldermen, which would be open to the public. Aldermen will choose the representatives who will be involved at the stakeholder meetings.

In the presented timeline, GovHR would distribute a survey for residents who are unable to attend the meetings. Residents can also provide telephone feedback.

Cicely L. Fleming, 9th Ward Alderwoman, expressed concern about communication with Evanston’s Spanish-speaking population during these meetings. Voorhees said there is no current plan for incorporating Spanish speakers."

Read the full report from The Daily Northwestern here.

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