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Thanks to everyone who showed up at Curt's Cafe for Central Pizza Pie’s DE fundraiser.

There’s nothing more uplifting than Evanston friends and friendly people eating fantastic homemade pizza made with love and generosity by Evanston neighbors Hoa and Ned at a venue that surrounds everyone who walks through its doors with love.

To the almost 100 of you who joined us on this warm March evening, we so appreciate you!

Thank you, Allie Payne and Kerry Miller for helping to serve and mix the homemade sodas. Thanks, Susan Garcia Trieschmann for, well, Curt’s Cafe. Thanks Kemone Hendricks for showing up to tell everyone about the Juneteenth parade, thanks, Cynthia Barnes Slater for bringing some young folks and taking a few pics, and thank you, Hoa Voscott and Ned Schnaub for being the most generous and talented pop-up pizza people ever!

For those of you who missed it ... hope to see you next time!

If you didn’t make it but would like to donate to Dear Evanston, we’d appreciate it! Just head to and hit the “donate” button!

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