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EPD announces temporary service reductions

The Evanston Police Department announced temporary service reductions due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Until further notice the Evanston Police Department will NOT provide any of the following services: Citizen Police Academy meetings or classes. Police ride-alongs and station tours. Walk-in requests for police records and reports (Via email only, must include photo ID). Walk in desk reports (over the phone only; 847-866-5000). Public fingerprinting services not associated with an arrest. Public presentations, ward or community meetings. Child car seat installation/inspections. Crime prevention security surveys. Medication disposal for the public. Bicycle registration. Property pick-up by appointment only; 847-866-5029. In an effort to practice social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus, the station lobby door has been locked and a phone and intercom is in place for communication. Officers WILL continue to respond to emergency calls for service, and will be out on the streets of Evanston actively patrolling.

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