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4 Suns Fresh Juice needs our help!

I know we're all completely preoccupied with the frightening insanity in the nation's capital, but please take a moment to focus back at home where a brand-new and already beloved business needs our help.

Gabrielle Walker, who just one month ago opened 4 Suns Fresh Juice on Main Street, has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and as a result, having barely opened, the store needs to close temporarily to ensure the health of their staff and sanitize their shop.

Please help raise the needed $10,000 that will help recoup their losses, supplement any medical expenses, support staff who will lose wages, and help the 4 Suns Fresh Juice family maintain until we they reopen their doors.

Here's the link to the GoFundMe.

Gabrielle has dreamed of this store and worked so hard to make it a reality. Let's lift it up!

Thank you!

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