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A Must-See Exhibit! Mandela: Struggle for Freedom

From February 18 to September 12, the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center will present Mandela: Struggle for Freedom.

The exhibition focuses on the powerful story of Nelson Mandela’s long fight for racial justice in South Africa and the international anti-Apartheid movement he inspired.

The exhibition follows Mandela as a young lawyer, through his formative years which inspired him to speak up, through his 27 years of imprisonment, and ultimately to his status as a great international leader, Nobel Peace Prize awardee, and humanitarian.

Visitors will understand that they too can take action against injustice and work toward positive change.

This timely exhibit reflects on how one of society's greatest civil rights leaders made a difference in the world.

It will engage, inform, and inspire.

The exhibit is curated by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and is adapted from a permanent exhibition at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The exhibit uses immersive spaces and digital interactive experiences to engage visitors in a range of hands-on learning opportunities to deeply explore its themes of injustice, resistance, and freedom.

Among the exhibition’s highlights are:

• A replica of Mandela’s tiny prison cell on Robben Island, which exposes the island’s dehumanizing conditions, the tools of hard labor, the censored letters, and the little-known plot to escape.

• Mandela’s 1961 clandestine apartment from which he held his famous first television interview, and allows visitors to interact as an underground freedom fighter with “covert” communications including coded phone messages, peek holes, and hidden objects.

• The Wall of Laws on which are posted signs and laws that dictated how people had to live their lives, where they could go, and what they could do based solely on the color of their skin.

During the exhibit's seventh-month run, the museum will provide Covid-safe on-site and virtual tours for adults and students of all ages.

More info coming soon!

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