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A plea, particularly to 5th ward residents, to fill out your Census forms!

"We have 30 days to complete our Census and I’ve tried everything to get are responses up," said Robin Rue Simmons 5th Ward Alderman, in a Facebook post yesterday. "If you have not completed your Census will you please complete it today! If you have completed your Census please share the link with neighbors to complete their Census. If you have any ideas, no matter how unorthodox or obvious, will you share your suggestion on how to get more responses?"

Here’s a list of what has been done:

Ward meeting presentations Newsletter announcements Phone Banking Mailed postcard Social post Virtual DJ dance party Door-to-door canvas

"My next step is to reach all nonprofits, faith organizations and schools to help with outreach," she said. "What else can we do? Our quality of life and ability to provide municipal, social, human and educational services largely depend of funding calculated by our Census responses."

Ald. Rue Simmons asks:

If you’d like flyers dropped off at your location please leave that information (with your address) in the comments or email her.

If you’d like a digital tool kit to share info please leave your email address in the comments or email her.

If you recommend a place where a poster/flyer can be placed, please leave a comment or email her. If you want to share how important our Census response is to you or your organization please share in comments.


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