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A WaPo article by Evanston resident and NU University professor Kate Masur, and Greg Downs.

“It is reasonable that elected officials are concerned with building consensus and elevating this nation’s best ideals, but we cannot achieve those ideals without confronting the more shameful aspects of our shared history.

As this week’s events so glaringly reminded us, the anti-democratic and racist strains of our past remain very much with us. These traditions too are part of our nation’s fabric, and we must address them if we are to prevent them from shaping our future, as they have shaped our past.”

A Washington Post article by Evanston resident and Northwestern University professor Kate Masur, and Greg P. Downs.

Masur specializes in the United States in the 19th century, focusing on how Americans grappled with questions of race and equality after the abolition of slavery in the North and South. Greg Downs, Gregory P. Downs, professor of history at the University of California, Davis.


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