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Aldermen respond to residents urging reparations vote delay.

"Rue Simmons said between when reparations was first introduced in February of 2019 to when it was passed by City Council in November of the same year, the city hosted 15 public meetings in which residents could provide input on program priorities. In 2020, she said the city 'continued an extensive public process' by hosting public subcommittee meetings twice a month until the COVID-19 pandemic began, after which they met monthly."

However, Rue Simmons said she is excited there is new interest in the city’s reparations program and said the subcommittee is looking to implement a process to include more community members in program development.

'It is unfair to say that we haven’t included the voices of the community, specifically the Black community, and we look forward to continuing the work,' Rue Simmons said."

[photo: First reparations town hall meeting, Dec. 11, 2019]


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