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Another Evanston family traumatized by gun violence.

"No one will understand the situation me and my children face or deal with," Alicia Guy wrote on the GoFundMe to help raise money for her son Stanley (Avery) Butler's funeral and to help her family move from their home in the 1700 block of Dodge Ave. where Stanley, 21, was shot and killed at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night, September 4.

"I cherish these moments." Alicia Guy posted with this photo on Facebook just a year ago--Sept. 19, 2020

"Just sitting here watching my daughter sit where my best friend (my son) was murdered taking his last breath while sitting with my first borns urn is killing me. I truly don’t know how much more my heart and soul can endure ... Not a day went by without me and my son communicating. So the thought of never hearing or seeing him I haven’t been able to accept.

I just want to lay my baby to rest, relocate and learn to live for another day. This is my second child I’m burying and it’s a lot on me and my family and the community."

Please help support this mom and her family--yet another Evanston family traumatized by gun violence.

Donate here.

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