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As cold weather approaches ESCCA needs clothing for K-8 students.

As you start to bring out your cold weather clothing, take a moment and see if you have any new or gently used clothing you can donate.

ESCCA, Evanston School Children's Clothing Association, is in particular need of:

Boy's long-sleeved tee shirts in 14-16, 18-20, and men's small (button-up collared shirts NOT needed);

Zip up hoodies in sizes 14-16 and up;

Winter scarves;

Snowpants in size 8 and up.

Donation bins are open at the JEH (1500 McDaniel, around the side of the building) or check with your local school for other drop sites.

Thank you!

And thanks, Mara Jauntirans, for bringing this to our attention!

ESCCA provides school clothing for all Evanston/Skokie District 65 K-8th grade school children in need. Each year they provide a full wardrobe of clothing and shoes to 700+ children. Their clothing assistance services are performed efficiently and discreetly and always keep the dignity of the families in mind.

ESCCA is an all-volunteer organization and relies on many District 65 parents and other volunteers who donate their time. They also depend on community for financial support, and receive monetary donations from District 65 PTAs and parents, community members, foundations and other organizations. District 65 also generously provides them with support in the form of in-kind donations of space and services.

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