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Awe-Sauce! Support Evanston resident Verzell James' locally hand-crafted hot sauces ...

... and his plan to employ people with special needs.

This month, Tosha Wilson's Boosting Black Business fundraiser is for Evanston resident Verzell James and his small company Awe-Sauce Hot Sauces, which he runs from the basement of Family Focus Evanston.

I encourage everyone to help support this HOT Black business!

As always, Tosha's ask is that, each month, BBB's followers support a different Black start-up (in Evanston, Chicago, and beyond) by donating $20 or more toward its already existing fundraiser.

Back in August, Dear Evanston interviewed Verzell because we were impressed--not just with his handcrafted array of hot sauces, but because part of his business plan is to employ people with special needs.

So we were thrilled to find out it was DE's interview that inspired Tosha to choose Awe-Sauce this month--the fourth business BBB has supported!

Verzell has partnered with Evanston Township High School (ETHS)'s Transitional Student Department and the City of Evanston's Mayor's Youth Summer Employment Program (MYSEP) to provide a summer job for a student.

Verzell's goal is to teach students all aspects of the Awe-Sauce production process, with the hopes of hiring them full-time. And as his business grows, so will his ability to hire more people with special needs.

This past summer, Verzell's student apprentice was Grayson Deeney, 21. When MYSEP ended, Verzell started a GoFundMe to extend Grayson's employment--and that's when we told his story. The great news is that he raised enough money then so that Grayson is still employed--at least through January.

This is a great story all around and a business that is well-worth supporting!

Watch Tosha's interview with Verzell to learn more.

Donate to Awe-Sauce's GoFundMe to help the business grow.

Find out more--and order your hot sauce--through Awe-Sauce's website.

Awe-Sauce will give back $2 from purchases of their bundle packages to Family Focus Evanston.

And make sure to join Boosting Black Business on Facebook

so you can support a different Black business every month!

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