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Back to the drawing board in the search for a City Manager.

In a news release today, the Evanston City Council announced an update on its search for a new city manager after candidate Daniel Ramos notified the City, before employment negotiations could begin, that he had accepted a prestigious position with another community.

"Following a town hall meeting with two candidates selected as finalists and candidate interviews with City staff, community members and stakeholders, the City Council was enthusiastic about candidate Daniel Ramos," according to the release.

As the City Council does not see a path forward with the current search, it intends to restart the search process with a new executive recruitment firm as quickly as possible.

"The Evanston City Council greatly appreciates all candidates who applied for the position and the many community members and stakeholders who have participated and provided their input throughout this process," said the release. "The City Council is committed to a community-informed search and will provide updates to the community as soon as more information becomes available."

Ramos was also endorsed by the community group Community Alliance for Better Government.

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